Specialty SCUBA Courses

Enriched Air NITROX (EAN)


This course will certify you to purchase and use NITROX as a breathing gas for moderate to deep dives.  Learn the advantages of using Enriched Air NITROX  (EAN) and why most divers prefer NITROX for dives between 60-130 feet.  

Boat Diver


New to boat diving?  Learn the ins and outs as well as proper etiquette for diving off of boats.  You will learn entry and exit procedures specific to boat diving as well as many more tips and tricks to safe, fun boat diving.  

Drift Diver


Relax and go with the flow!  Drift diving can be the most relaxing form of diving there is, if you know how to do it properly.  Learn special techniques and equipment used for drift diving.  

Wreck Diver


Are you fascinated by history or maybe looking to find some lost treasure?  Or maybe it's the abundance of marine life around wrecks.  Wreck diving can be full of surprises.  Just make sure you have the equipment, training and experience before taking up wreck diving.  

Night Diver


You have not seen a reef until you have seen it at night!  From octopus and lobster to star fish and anemones.  You will see so many more unusual creatures at night then during the day.  Learn all about special techniques and equipment used to properly conduct night dives.  

Deep Diver


What's really down there?  In the deep diver course you will train for and conduct actual deep dives to depths below 100 feet.  You will learn about special equipment and considerations required to make deep dives.