Tri-City SCUBA Staff

Scott & Vickie Oldmixon


Scott and Vickie are the owners of Tri-City SCUBA.  They met in 2010 when Vickie called Scott to inquire about becoming certified.  Scott, at the time, was actually in Bonaire in between dives when the phone rang.  Vickie told his that SCUBA Diving was on her bucket list.   Two years later, almost to the day, Scott proposed to Vickie on the beach in Bonaire.  This photo is from that proposal.  Notice the "message in the bottle" that "washed up on shore".  The proposal was inside the bottle.

Scott Oldmixon - Owner / Instructor


PADI Instructor

NAUI Instructor Trainer

SDI & TDI Instructor

ASHI First Aid, CPR, AED Instructor 


Scott has over 1500 open water and technical dives in locations around the world including the US, Canada, Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Mexico, Fiji, St Maarten, Roatan Honduras, Cayman Islands and more.


1991 PADI Open Water

1992 PADI Advanced Open Water 

1992 IANTD Nitrox

2002 PADI Nitrox

2003 PADI Cavern

2003 PADI Rescue Diver

2003 PADI Medic First Aid

2003 TDI Advanced Nitrox

2003 TDI Decompression Procedures

2003 NSS-CDC Cave

2003 PADI Divemaster

2003 DAN O2 Provider

2004 DSAT Gas Blender

2004 PADI Assistant Instructor

2005 PADI Boat Diver

2006 PADI Underwater Photography

2006 PADI Deep Diver

2006 PADI Drift Diver

2006 PADI Master Scuba Diver

2006 NAUI Scuba Instructor

2006 ASHI First Aid/CPR Instructor

2007 NAUI Instructor Trainer

2007 SDI Instructor

2007 SDI VIP Instructor

2007 TDI Nitrox Instructor


2007 SDI SOLO Instructor

2010 PADI SCR Rebreather Instructor

2018 PSI / PCI Visual Inspector

In addition, Scott also holds specialty instructor ratings on over a dozen specialty courses.

Vickie Oldmixon - Owner / Divemaster


Vickie began her diving adventured in 2010.  After receiving her PADI Open Water Certification she quickly moved on to get her Advanced Open Water and NITROX certification.  She completed her Master SCUBA Diver in 2013.  Vickie also holds specialty certification ratings for Equipment Specialist, Boat, Deep, Peak Performance Buoyancy and Enriched Air Diver.  Her ultimate goal in life is to dive with Great Whites outside of a cage.  Other than SCUBA diving, Vickie also enjoys jumping out of airplanes!